My Body

My body, that collection of bones, muscles, blood, brain, etc, enclosed in skin, which physically represents whatever it is I am, is inextricably part of my adventures. Being transgender puts a spotlight on my body of course, although these days it is considered impolite to ask questions. More and more books however are speaking of… Continue reading My Body

Blurry Sexual Feelings

One of Freud’s basic drives. Scattered through my life are a number of memories, not what you might expect, of situations that brought a sexual response which was blurred in some way. That is, I felt aware of my body being turned on but not clearly why. These memories date back to my time living… Continue reading Blurry Sexual Feelings

A Life in Themes

Thematic history is one way of framing a history paper / book / article. Discussing history through particular issues and ideas over time rather than events. The same event being viewed from the perspective of multiple themes. A social history compared to a political history is an example. In this blog I’m applying the same… Continue reading A Life in Themes