The Cartesian Body

References: The Body in Society An Introduction 2nd Edition, Alexandra Howson, 2013, Polity Press, Cambridge, UK. (Available on Amazon Kindle) Rene Descartes (1596-1650) developed the notion that a person’s identity and body were distinct and separate entities. Naturally identity is linked to mind, and so mind and body are treated separately. The body is simply… Continue reading The Cartesian Body

The … Body

The Body is accessed in a multitude of ways by people who study it, and its role in our lives and society. These path ways to understanding can be listed as The … Body, where the … is substituted by the name of the path way. This post lists at least some of these paths.… Continue reading The … Body

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The Body

One way or another The Body, including mine in particular, has been of considerable interest. The first book I saved up to buy was a copy (reprint) of Gray’s Anatomy. I was the first person my sister told (well, showed, more precisely) when she began menstruating. And being the only other available person, went shopping… Continue reading The Body