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-====== My Memoir ====== 
-===== Chapter One My Body ===== 
-Several years ago I wrote a 3000 word essay for my undergraduate studies. The lengthiest completed to date, and for that reason the harbinger of some concern. The overarching theme was the relationship between the public and private spheres of our social world. Essentially, our interactions with people in the sight of others, and our interactions behind closed doors. What were the connections between these two spaces (I love that word!)? After considerable thought I settled on control of our body. As a transgender woman my body has been the subject of both my private curiosity and how it can be seen and presented publicly. My undergraduate reading frequently included the ideas of Michel Foucault, particularly regarding power in society. I recall "body" and "power" dancing together as I considered the essay topic, till I saw their dance and not themselves. The link between the private and public spheres was control of a person's physical body. Looking back, with the additional tools of narrative therapy, I would say this dance and these partners are not the only narrative linking the two spheres. However, they feel particularly pertinent for this memoir. 
-Considering control of our bodies as the link, led me to connect slavery, birth control, abortion, and being transgender, using a common thread. Struggling to find a theme for this memoir which could capture what I wanted to say, seems to have forced me back to basics. What do I have in this world? My body, and not much else. Any other possessions can be, and have been, lost or stolen. Every narrative I could chose to tell features my body in some way. Coincidentally, slavery, birth control, (sex), and abortion, were issues I questioned and considered in my earliest thinking about the wider world.