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-If I was writing a sociology paper about aspects of my gender transition, with a view to understanding the why's and wherefore's thereof, there are two aspects which still cause me to shake my head in puzzlement. Ten years later and despite being able to make some possible sense of them. One aspect represents a betrayal. A recent manifestation of a millennia old betrayal of people, and of their own God, for the sake of power. The second, a manifestation of loyalty to family and friends and support of what is important to that circle of people. Additionally, an issue that is no threat can be supported, even actively supported, for whatever reason. Leading me to wonder how threatening I am to the people in the first aspect. 
-As students of Michel Foucault might recognise, power is the core issue across both these aspects. Looking at them in terms of power only however blurs important detail and minimises personal impact. The betrayal spoken of cuts two ways. I am betrayed by them, as self-proclaimed spokesmen and priests of God, and God, my Lord and Lady, is betrayed by them, which brings pain, sadness, and anger.