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-[[my_memoir|My Memoir]] 
-For What Do You Wish to Condemn Me? 
-In a culture where anything is either this or that, black or white, right or wrong, I simply do not fit in. That’s just the way it is. Most acceptance I receive is devoid of any interest in who and what I am, let alone what could be learnt from me. It is acceptance in the hope that I won't push who and what I am. That they won't be forced to think too much about what I say. At its extreme, not that of the violence which wants to erase me and is something else entirely, is mainstream church attitudes that accept but totally on their terms. For them that is authenticity, to live in their image of how God made me. To them I say, for what would your spiritual fathers, and yourselves if allowed, burn me at the stake? For being trans, a woman, or identifying as a witch? 
-Take your pick. But perhaps you actually have a brain and would like to know more...