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 == Journal == == Journal ==
 [[Start]]  [[Start]] 
 +This morning I listed the recurring debits on my credit card, with a view to shifting them to a debit card, and avoiding interest charges. This afternoon I purchased a food processor for K while her and B were in their craft session at Grenville Hub. Walking from Prince George Plaza to the mall I found myself wondering what the hell I was doing here in Elizabeth, SA, let alone being a ratepayer of Playford Council. I miss Sydney but the life we are beginning here could not have been otherwise. Had lunch at the food court, curry chicken and honey chicken. Quite yummy. Good to have a clear idea of the regular debits in the budget. Going to shift monthly payments for various items to annual payments (in cash, not credit), now that the budget is more stable. This should enable the credit card balance to be reduced. The ongoing problem of course, in common with every household no doubt, is how much can I spend on me.
 28/4/2021 28/4/2021
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